1. OEM Responder
  2. EOC Volunteer
  3. Emergency Communications
  4. Office Volunteer


Reporting to the Duty Officer the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Responder will support the response during natural or man-made disasters.  They supplement other first responders and provide greater situational awareness for the office. They also participate in community preparedness and educational outreach. OEM responders are necessary to the mission of YVOEM to provide robust response, recovery, and public education.

 Duties and Responsibilities

OEM responders will:

  • Help citizens in Yakima County become better prepared through presentations and demonstrations
  • Respond to active incidents
    • Conduct incident situational observation and reporting
    • Provide traffic control
    • Conduct damage assessments
    • Provide basic disaster medical support

Apply Today!

Click below to download the application and background check forms

Application Procedures
  • Fill out both pages of the application and background check
  • Scan copies of forms and your drivers license 
  • Email forms to horace.ward@co.yakima.wa.us or mail them to our office at 2403 South 18th Street, Suite 200, Union Gap, WA 98903
  • After Approval we will reach out and schedule you come to our office for orientation