Food Services

  1. Washington State Food Code

    Over the past few years, Washington State has worked to adopt the national Food and Drug Administration Food Code in part.

  2. Food Borne Illness

    Learn information about food borne illnesses and how to report them.

    1. Restaurant Complaints

      How to submit a complaint about an experience at a Yakima County food facility.

    2. Food Recalls

      Get information on the most recent food recalls from the Food and Drug Administration.

  3. Food Handler Card

    Learn how to get training and obtain a food handler permit.

    1. Additional Training

      Find out about additional food handler training courses.

    2. Person In Charge

      Get information about the new food code regulations for managers and persons in charge.

    3. Tarjeta De Salud

  4. New Food Establishments

    New food services must submit the proper paperwork, submit payment, and receive a pre-opening inspection prior to opening their doors.

  5. Temporary Food Licenses

    A temporary food service permit is required for food service at one-time events or celebrations that are open to the public.

  6. Restaurant Inspections

    Find information on all recent restaurant inspections.

    1. Restaurant Inspection Scores

      Results of the inspections the Environmental Health Specialist observed at the time of inspection.