Solid Waste

Solid Waste Regulations

The Solid Waste program is responsible for permitting and inspection of solid waste handling facilities (Solid Waste Application (PDF)) such as municipal solid waste landfills, inert/demolition waste landfills, drop boxes, transfer stations, waste utilization sites, petroleum contaminated soil remediation facilities, composting sites, etc.

Enforcement action is taken, as necessary, on permitted facilities and on complaint sites to assure compliance with appropriate regulations.


Biosolids are the residual solids from municipal sewage treatment plants. After treatment and testing they are used for fertilizer on crops such as hops, wheat, corn, alfalfa etc. This process has been determined to be the safest and most beneficial use of this material by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The Yakima Health District’s activities in this area include the following:
  • Inspection of stockpile and application areas
  • Enforcement as necessary
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Electronics Recycling Sites

Site Complaints

To submit a complaint about a facility or if you have a concern about a specific property owner or have neighborhood issues regarding garbage or animal feces (poop), please contact our Environmental Health Help Desk at 509-249-6508 or by emailing the EH Help Desk. Please be prepared to provide address, specifics of complaint, and your contact information for follow-up. All complaints are confidential.

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