Backyard fruit trees can be beautiful and productive, however this takes a great deal of care and effort.

Backyard Fruit Trees
Many people are easily swayed by the thought of planting a fruit tree and the harvest of apples, pears, or cherries. Most often though, the pests of these fruit infest the trees and the owner is left with fruit that no one wants to eat!

The amount of effort and care needed is beyond just a casual glance, it takes real time and care to produce quality fruit. These backyard trees are a great hazard to commercial growers.

Homeowner Responsibility

If your trees are diseased or infested with pests, please be responsible and remove them, orchardists need your help!

RCW 15.08
and 15.09 explains how landowners are required to maintain their trees so that pests and diseases do not spread from their property to others.

The Horticultural Pest and Disease Board provides advice to homeowners and assists them with problems related to tree fruit.
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