1. Change of Custody

    This information is provided to you as a general explanation of what is involved to change legal custody from 1 parent to another. The process is complicated, and usually produces high emotional anxiety for the child as well as the parents.

  2. Child Support

    Washington State law requires parents to support their children. In all divorce, custody and paternity cases, the judge must decide or approve the appropriate amount of child support that one parent must pay another for the benefit of their children.

  3. Children Coping With Divorce

    If you have children, you are required to take this mandatory seminar.

  4. Children of Divorce

    The law recognizes the fundamental importance of the parent-child relationship to the welfare of the child and that the relationship between the child and each parent should be fostered unless inconsistent with the child's best interests.

  5. Dissolution of Marriage

    Find out how to file or respond to a Dissolution of Marriage petition with the Superior Court.

  6. Divorce Orientation

    This 1-hour orientation is provided by the court to help you get started on your divorce, answer questions, explain which forms to fill out, and how to file your case in Yakima County Superior Court.