1. Administration


    The Administration Division is responsible for the overall management of operations, funding (accounting), planning, and project development of entire Yakima County transportation network.

  2. Construction


    The Construction Division is responsible for the administration of surveying, inspection, and oversight of Yakima County road improvement projects.

  3. Engineering


    The Engineering Division's responsibilities are preliminary engineering, specification, and graphic design plans for Yakima County road projects.

  4. Parks & Trails

    Parks & Trails

    The Parks, Trails, and Recreation Division is responsible for the management, maintenance, and reservations of Yakima County parks and trails.

  5. Right-of-Way


    The Right-of-Way Division provides Yakima County’s real estate services and support, including County property acquisition, surplus, and appraisals.

  6. Road Maintenance

    Road Maintenance

    Road Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of County right-of-way and drainage systems, including roads, bridges, vegetation management, snow removal, signing, and striping.

  7. Traffic Engineering

    Traffic Engineering

    Traffic Engineering is responsible for the design and operation of traffic control devices, traffic data collection, development review, and transportation planning.